I offer “budgeting & scheduling” with over 20 years experience in INDEPENDENT MOVIE & TV production. With this experience comes familiarity and knowledge in all formats from “Pro-sumer Video” to “Professional High Definition” from “16mm to 35mm” and short films to large market Commercials to Feature Film and TV Pilots and Series. Additionally I accrued an extensive working knowledge & skill in overseeing, Stunts, Mechanical FX, pyro, weapons, aerial & underwater photography etc. And I have filmed from Tahiti to Paris to Alabama. With this background comes the expertise in creating a professional budget for whatever is your project, that is 100% suitable for submission to any Production Company or Investor and Bond or Insurance Company.

I tailor my rates to the length and complexity of the script, your personal budget and of course the medium itself, from short film to full length feature. And my rates are “INDIE” rates and NOT the high studio rates some budget preparers charge.

As with all my past customers, once I create a budget for you my advice and consulting are free anytime in the future to help you shorten that learning curve of getting your project funded.

My services include:
Breakdown & Scheduling
Commercial Bids (using AICP)
Production Cash Drawdown Schedules
Tutoring in Budget preparation & scheduling
Script doctoring
(Free phone confab with your investors or production company
to backup my numbers)

best of luck to you and hope that I can help you get to your goal faster.

feel free to call me with any questions you may have 818-509-7910

Gary A. Lowe